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Class: SLSlicerAPI.SLSlicer
Namespace: SLSlicerAPI

Updates the model highlighting with dead logic refinement


refineDeadLogic(obj,'sldvSlicerdemo_dead_logic',analysis_time) updates the model highlighting with dead logic refinement

Input Arguments

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Object containing Model Slicer configuration options.

Model or subsystem being analyzed for dead logic.

Amount of time used for dead logic analysis.


  1. Open example AnalyzeTheDeadLogicExample. The model to demonstrate refining dead logic is located in this example's folder.

    model= 'sldvSlicerdemo_dead_logic';

  2. Create a Slicer API object, and add the target outport as a starting point.

    slicerObj = slslicer(model);
    slicerObj.addStartingPoint([model '/Controller/target']);

  3. Observe highlight on model.


  4. Refine Dead Logic for a time period.

    slicerObj.refineDeadLogic(model, 300);

  5. Observe refined highlight on model



To perform dead logic refinement using the Model Slicer UI, open the Model Slicer manager, from the Simulink® Editor, select the APPS > Model Slicer. In the Model Slicer pane, you can perform the refinement using Refine Dead Logic section. For more information, see Refine Dead Logic for Dependency Analysis.

Version History

Introduced in R2015b