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Variant Manager Workflow to Manage Existing Variant Configurations in Models


This functionality requires Variant Manager for Simulink®.

This flowchart shows the operations that can be performed from Variant Manager after variant configurations are created for a model.

A variant configuration data object (VCDO) is an instance of the Simulink.VariantConfigurationData class. The object stores all the variant configurations and constraints created for a model. The VariantConfigurationObject model parameter indicates the name of the VCDO that is associated with a model. You can view and set this value using the Simulink.VariantConfigurationData field in the Variant Manager.

Workflow to manage variant configurations using Variant Manager

For more information about saving and reusing variant configurations in Variant Manager, see Save and Reuse Variant Configurations Using Variant Configuration Data Object.

For more information about reducing a model, see Reduce Variant Models Using Variant Reducer.

For more information about analyzing a model, see Analyze Variant Configurations in Models Containing Variant Blocks.

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