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Run Accelerator Mode with the Simulink Debugger

Advantages of Using Accelerator Mode with the Debugger

Using accelerator mode can shorten the length of your debugging sessions if you have large and complex models. For example, you can use accelerator mode to simulate a large model and quickly reach a break point.

For more information, see Accelerator Mode.


You cannot use rapid accelerator mode with the debugger.

How to Run the Debugger

To simulate your model using accelerator mode with the debugger:

  1. On the Simulation tab, in the Simulate section, select Accelerator from the drop-down menu.

  2. In the MATLAB® Command Window, enter:

    sldebug modelname
  3. At the debugger prompt, set a time break:

    tbreak 10000
  4. Once you reach the breakpoint, use the debugger command emode (execution mode) to toggle between accelerator and normal mode.

When to Switch Back to Normal Mode

You must switch to Normal mode to step through the simulation by blocks, and when you want to use the following debug commands:

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