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Run Project Checks

In a project, you can run checks from any project view by clicking Run Checks > Check Project on the Project tab. The project checks can find problems with project integrity such as missing files, unsaved files, or files not under source control.

For details on problems the checks can fix, see Work with Derived Files in Projects, Convert from MDL to SLX in a Project and Preserve Revision History, and Check Dependency Results and Resolve Problems.

  • Click Check Project to check the integrity of the project. For example, is everything under source control in the project? Are all project files under source control? A dialog box reports results. You can click for details and follow prompts to fix problems.

    For an example showing how the checks can help you, see Convert from MDL to SLX in a Project and Preserve Revision History.

  • If you want to check for required files, click Dependency Analysis to analyze the dependencies of the modified files.

    Use the dependency tools to analyze the structure of your project. See Perform an Impact Analysis.


The files in resources/project are project definition files generated by your changes. See Project Definition Files.

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