About Model Configurations

A model configuration is a named set of values for the parameters of a model. It is referred to as a configuration set. Every new model is created with a default configuration set, called Configuration, that initially specifies default values for the model parameters. You can change the default values for new models by setting the Model Configuration Preferences. For more information, see Model Configuration Pane.

You can subsequently create and modify additional configuration sets and associate them with the model. The configuration sets associated with a model can specify different values for any or all configuration parameters. For more information, see About Configuration Sets. For examples on how to use configuration sets, see:

By default, a configuration set resides within a single model so that only that model can use it. Alternatively, you can store a configuration set independently, so that other models can use it. A configuration set that exists outside any model is a freestanding configuration set. Each model that uses a freestanding configuration set defines a configuration reference that points to the freestanding configuration set. A freestanding configuration set allows you to single-source a configuration set for several models. For more information, see About Configuration References. For examples on how to use configuration references, see:

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