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Edit Lookup Tables

You can edit a lookup table using:

  • Lookup Table Editor

  • Lookup Table block dialog box

Edit Lookup Tables in Lookup Table Editor

With the Lookup Table Editor, you can edit one or more lookup tables without navigating to the blocks, models, or subsystems that contain them.

For more information on the Lookup Table Editor, see Use the Lookup Table Editor.

For more information on dimensional slices in the lookup table spreadsheet, see View Multidimensional Slices of Data.

Edit Lookup Tables in a Block

To edit a lookup table directly in a block:

  1. Open the subsystem that contains the lookup table block.

  2. Open the lookup table block dialog box.

  3. In the Table and Breakpoints tab, edit the Table data and relevant Breakpoints parameters as needed.

For more information, see Enter Breakpoints and Table Data.

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