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Lock Links to Blocks in a Library

You can lock links to a library. Lockable library links prevent unintentional disabling of these links. Lockable libraries ensure robust usage of mature stable libraries.

To lock links to a library, in the library window, click Diagram > Lock Links To Library. The linked block's links to its parent library is now locked. When you refresh the model, you see a change in the link badge. The locked link badges have a black background.

Locked linked block links cannot be disabled from the parent library block. Such links can only be disabled from the command line by changing the LinkStatus to inactive. For more information, see Control Linked Block Programmatically.

The context menu of a locked linked block displays Locked Library Link and not Library Link. Also notice that the only enabled option on this menu is Go To Library Block.

If you open a locked linked block, the window title displays Locked Link: blockname. The bottom left corner shows a lock icon and a link badge. You can also hover over the link badge to view lock information.

To unlock links from the library window, select Diagram > Unlock Links To Library. If the library is locked, the Unlock Links To Library option is disabled. You must unlock the library to enable the option.

Rules for Locked Links

  • Locked links cannot be edited. If you try to make a structural change to a locked link (such as editing the diagram), you see a message that you cannot modify the link because it is either locked or inside another locked link.

  • The mask and block parameter dialogs are disabled for blocks inside locked links. For a resolved linked block with a mask, its parameter dialog is always disabled.

  • You cannot parameterize locked links in the Model Editor.

  • When you copy a block, the library status determines the status of a link (locked or not). If you copy a block from a library with locked links, the link is locked. If you later unlock the library links, any existing linked blocks do not change to unlocked links until you refresh the links.

  • If you use sublibraries, when you lock links to a library, lock links to the sublibraries.

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