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Keyword Search for Simulink Editor Actions

You can use the quick insert menu to perform a keyword search for actions that you want to take or for keyboard shortcuts. When you find the action you are looking for in the search results, you can implement it by selecting it and pressing Enter.

For example, you can search for updating a model.

  1. To open the quick insert menu, double-click the canvas.

  2. To search for actions instead of blocks, switch to action search by pressing Ctrl+..

    Quick insert menu open to the Actions tab displaying a list of commonly used actions

  3. To search for the action, type the keyword update. A list of actions containing the keyword appears. The keyboard shortcut for each action is displayed in parentheses.

  4. To update the model, select the first search result using your arrow keys and press Enter. Alternatively, click the search result or use the keyboard shortcut to implement the action.

    The quick Insert menu is open to the Actions tab with the word update in the search box. Two search results are displayed, Update Model (Ctrl+D) and Update Model: Refresh Blocks (Ctrl+K). Below each search result is a short description of the action.


If the quick insert menu is open to action search and you want to search for a block instead, press Ctrl+..

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