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Simulink Identifiers

A Simulink® Identifier (SID) is a unique and unmodifiable designation automatically assigned to a Simulink block, model annotation, or Stateflow® object within a Stateflow chart. The SID helps to identify specific instances of these components in your diagram, especially when sharing models between people within a team.

The SID has these characteristics:

  • Persistent within the lifetime of a Simulink block, model annotation, or Stateflow object

  • Saved in the model file

  • Remains the same if the block or object name changes

  • Cannot be modified

The SID format is:


  • model_name is the name of the model where the block, annotation, or Stateflow object resides.

  • sid_number is a unique number within the model, assigned by Simulink.

The SID includes additional colons in certain cases, for example on an instance of a block from a user library.

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