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Use modelfinder to Index Simulink Models and Improve its Discoverability within an Organization

You can now use modelfinder to search example models that matches the specified string. By default, modelfinder searches for example models in the MATLAB path. You can customize modelfinder to search for example models developed by your organization. Use modelfinder.register to index all the example models in the specified path. Similarly, use modelfinder.unregister to exclude all the example models in a specific path.

Search example models matching the search string

Specify the search string to search for a model. If there are more than one match, then all matching items are displayed as a list, and you are prompted to select one of them. For example, to search for models that have autosar in their name run the command:

1. AUTOSARCounterExample
         2. AuthorAUTOSARCompositionsInArchitectureModelExample
         3.   > autosar_tpc_actuator
         4.   > autosar_tpc_composition
         5.   > autosar_tpc_controller
         6.   > autosar_tpc_pedal_sensor
         7.   > autosar_tpc_system
         8.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor1
         9.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor2
        10.   > autosar_tpc_throttle_sensor_monitor
        11. ConfigureAndSimulateAUTOSARFiMServiceCallsExample
        12.   > autosar_bsw_fim
        13.   > autosar_bsw_fimmonitor
        14.   > autosar_bsw_fimoperationcycle
        15.   > autosar_bsw_fimsensor1
        16.   > autosar_bsw_fimsensor2
        17. CreateAndConfigureAUTOSARAdaptiveSoftwareComponentExample
        18. DesignAUTOSARComponentsExample
        19.   > autosar_composition
        20.   > autosar_swc_actuator
        21.   > autosar_swc_controller
        22.   > autosar_swc_monitor
        23.   > autosar_swc_pedal_sensor
        24.   > autosar_swc_throttle_sensor
        25.   > autosar_system
      Showing 1-25 of 68 matches. Enter (m) for more results.
      Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR 
      see more results (m) OR quit (q)
If there are more than three words in the search term, then modelfinder treats it as natural language query and finds models that satisfies the natural language query. For example, to search for solar panel models in Simulink

modelfinder('solar panel models in simulink')
1. GenerateHDLFromMultipleSimscapeNetworksExample
   2.   > Solar_Power_Inverter_Multiple_Network_HDL
   3.   > Solar_Power_Inverter_Multiple_Network_StateSpace
   4. HybridSolarPanelExample
        > sscv_hybrid_solar_panel
   5. PartitionLargeNetworkIntoMultipleSmallerNetworksExample
        > Solar_Power_Inverter_Single_Network_HDL
   6. ee_mars_helicopter_system
   7. ee_solar_boostconverter_maxpowerpoint
   8. ee_solar_generator
   9. ee_solar_gridconnected_singlephase
  10. ee_solar_gridconnected_threephase
  11. ee_solar_inverter
  12. ee_solar_panel
  13. ee_solar_standalone_acsystem_withbatterybackup
  14. ee_solar_standalone_dcsystem_withbatterybackup
  15. power_microgrid
  16. sm_solar_tracker
Enter the example number you want to open (choose number) OR quit (q) : 

See modelfinder, for all the search options and filters.

Register and Unregister folder path to search index of modelfinder

The modelfinder function indexes the models in the search path. Specify the path of the models that needs to be included for indexing. For example, if you want to search for models in the path ~/Desktop/myFolder, run the command

This registers all models in the ~/Desktop/myFolder path to modelfinder search result. It will look for models recursively within the specified folder.

To exclude models from the search results, you must unregister model from the modelfinder search index so that the models does not appear in search results. For example, if you want to exclude models from the search results in the path ~/Desktop/myFolder, run the command: