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Create sldvData Custom File Type Reader to Import to Signal Editor

Import Simulink® Design Verifier™ sldvData structures into Simulink for editing.

  1. Create an sldvData MAT-file reader using the class and register that class. For more information, see Create Custom File Type for Import to Signal Editor.

  2. Create a model and add a Signal Editor block.

  3. Leave the Signal Editor File name parameter as untitled.mat.

  4. From within the Signal Editor block dialog, click To create and edit scenarios, launch Signal Editor user interface.

  5. In the Signal Editor tab, click Import.

    The Signal Editor Import dialog displays.

  6. In the Signal Editor Import dialog, click Browse.

    The custom MAT-file that contains your sldvData signals, appears in the file browser.

  7. From the table of registered file types, select as the reader class for the sldvData MAT-file.

    The table of datasets lists the test cases from the sldvData MAT-file.

  8. Select the check boxes that correspond to the test cases you want to import to the Signal Editor for editing.

  9. Click OK.

    The Signal Editor loads the sldvData datasets.

  10. When you finish editing the datasets, click Save, then enter a new MAT-file name to contain the edited sldvData datasets.

    The file to which the edited sldvData datasets are saved is associated with the underlying Signal Editor block.

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