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Source Control in Projects

Configure source control, retrieve files, review changes, commit modified files

Projects help you to organize large modeling projects by finding required files, managing and sharing files and settings, and interacting with source control. Watch Using Projects to Collaborate, Track, and Merge Changes and Perform Code Reviews (4 min, 50 sec) and see What Are Projects? and About Source Control with Projects.


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currentProjectGet current project
openProjectLoad an existing project
listModifiedFilesList modified files in project
listRequiredFilesGet files required by specified project files
listImpactedFilesGet files impacted by changes to specified project files
refreshSourceControlUpdate source control status of project files
runChecksRun all project checks
Simulink.getFileChecksumChecksum of file

Legacy API

simulinkproject(Not recommended) Open project and get project object


Source Control Setup

Retrieval and Checkout

Reviewing Changes and Committing Modified Files