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PWM Control of a Boost Converter

This example shows you how to control a boost converter using the PWM block in Simulink. the boost converter in this model uses the Boost Converter (Simscape Electrical) block from the Simscape™ Electrical™ library.

A PWM signal is used to control the switching device, or gate, of the boost converter. The PID controller generates the command signal, or the duty cycle, to track the desired step-up voltage (Vref) of 18V

This is a relatively high frequency application; the switching gate operates at around 200kHz. Therefore, a pulse period of 1/200,000 or 5e-6s is chosen for the PWM signal.

Given the small time steps, the boostconverter_pwm model provided with the example is loaded from a steady state at 0.069s.

A visualization of the boost converter operation around the 0.1s mark is shown below.

For alternate physical modeling implementations of PWM control, see Pulse Width Modulation (Simscape Electrical).

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