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Register Simulink function names used in your System object


names = getSimulinkFunctionNamesImpl(obj)


names = getSimulinkFunctionNamesImpl(obj) specifies the Simulink® function names used in the System object™ obj.

If you use a Simulink function in your System object, you can only call a Simulink function from the stepImpl, updateImpl, or outputImpl method.

Run-Time Details

getSimulinkFunctionNamesImpl is invoked by the MATLAB System during model compilation to obtain the list of Simulink functions being called from the System object. Simulink uses this information to resolve the function names to a Simulink function declared in a Simulink Function block. If getSimulinkFunctionNamesImpl does not return the name of a function being called in the System object methods, Simulink attempts to resolve the function to a function on the MATLAB path.

Method Authoring Tips

You must set Access = protected for this method.

Input Arguments

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System object handle used to access properties, states, and methods specific to the object. If your getSimulinkFunctionNamesImpl method does not use the object, you can replace this input with ~.

Output Arguments

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The names of the Simulink function you want to call from your System object.


Call Simulink Functions from a MATLAB System Block

Version History

Introduced in R2019a