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Goto Tag Visibility

Define scope of Goto block tag

  • Goto Tag Visibility block

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The Goto Tag Visibility block defines the accessibility of Goto block tags that have scoped visibility. The value you specify for the Goto tag block parameter is accessible by From blocks in the same subsystem that contains the Goto Tag Visibility block and in subsystems below it in the model hierarchy.

A Goto Tag Visibility block is required for Goto blocks whose Tag Visibility parameter value is scoped. No Goto Tag Visibility block is needed if the tag visibility is either local or global. The block shows the tag name enclosed in braces ({}).


A scoped Goto block in a masked system is visible only in that subsystem and in the nonvirtual subsystems it contains. Simulink® generates an error if you run or update a diagram that has a Goto Tag Visibility block at a lower level in the block diagram than the corresponding scoped Goto block in the masked subsystem.

In the Simulink Editor, select the Goto Tag Visibility block to highlight the corresponding Goto and From blocks. When a corresponding From or Goto block is not in the current diagram, the Subsystem block that contains the block is highlighted.

To show a corresponding block in an open diagram or new tab, select the Goto Tag Visibility block and pause on the ellipsis. Then, select Related Blocks Related Blocks button from the action bar. When multiple blocks correspond to the selected block, a list of related blocks opens. You can filter the list of related blocks by entering a search term in the text box. After you select a related block from the list, window focus goes to the open diagram or new tab that shows the related block.


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This example shows how to use the From, Goto, and Goto Tag Visibility blocks to route signals in your model. The GotoGlobal block at the top-level of the model has the Goto tag parameter set to G and the Tag visibility set to global. Thus, the G tag can be seen by From and Goto blocks at any level of the model hierarchy, except locations that span nonvirtual subsystem boundaries (like the Atomic Subsystem in this model). The From block at the top level of the model can see and connect to the global G tag, but cannot see or connect to the scoped S tag or L local tag that are specified on Goto blocks further down in the model hierarchy.

Inside of the Main Subsystem, the Goto block with Goto tag set to S has a Tag visibility of scoped. The Goto Tag Visibility block placed at the same level as that Goto block indicates the S tag can be seen by all From and Goto blocks at that level and below, except for locations that cross a nonvirtual subsystem boundary (i.e. the boundary with the Atomic Subsystem). Inside of Subsystem1 and Subsystem2, the From blocks can see and connect to the global Goto tag G, and the scoped Goto tag S.


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The Goto block tag whose visibility is defined by the location of this block. From and Goto blocks using the specified tag must be in the same subsystem or at any level in the model hierarchy below the Goto Tag Visibility block that does not entail crossing a nonvirtual subsystem boundary, in other words, the boundary of an atomic, conditionally executed, or function-call subsystem or a model reference. A scoped tag name is enclosed in braces ({}).


If you use multiple From and Goto Tag Visibility blocks to refer to the same Goto tag, you can simultaneously rename the tag in all of the blocks. Use the Rename All button in the Goto block dialog box. Alternatively, when you change the tag on the Goto block icon, propagate the new name to all corresponding From and Goto Tag Visibility blocks by pressing Shift+Enter.

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