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Class: Simulink.VariantConfigurationData
Namespace: Simulink

Add variant control variables to named variant configuration in variant configuration data object



This method requires Variant Manager for Simulink®.


vcdataObj.addControlVariables(nameOfConfiguration,variantControlVars) adds variant control variables to the specified variant configuration in vcdataObj, which is an object of the Simulink.VariantConfigurationData class.

Input Arguments

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Name of the variant configuration to which the variant control variables must be added, specified as a character vector or string. This configuration must be present in the variant configuration data object, vcdataObj.

Example: "LinInterExpNoNoise"

Data Types: char | string

Variant control variable names and their values, specified as a structure or array of structures with fields:

  • Name — Name of the control variable, specified as a character vector

  • Value — Value of the control variable, specified as any of these data types:

    • Normal MATLAB® variable

    • Simulink.Parameter

    • Simulink.VariantControl with value as normal MATLAB variable

    • Simulink.VariantControl with value as Simulink.Parameter

  • Source — Source of the control variable, specified as a character vector. Source must be 'base workspace' or the name of a data dictionary.

Example: ctrlVarStruct=struct(Name='Noise',Value='NoiseType.NoNoise',Source='plant.sldd');

For an example that shows the use of different types of variant control variables, see Use Variant Control Variables in Variant Blocks.

Data Types: struct


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This example shows how to add new variant control variables to an existing variant configuration in a variant configuration data object.

Create an empty Simulink.VariantConfigurationData object.

vardataObj = Simulink.VariantConfigurationData
vardataObj = 
  VariantConfigurationData with properties:

            Configurations: [1x0 struct]
               Constraints: [1x0 struct]
    PreferredConfiguration: ''

Create a variant configuration and add it to the variant configuration data object.

% Define a variant control variable
PlantLoc = Simulink.VariantControl('Value', 1, 'ActivationTime', 'code compile');
% Create a variant control variable structure
ctrlVarStruct = struct(Name = 'PlantLoc', Value = PlantLoc, Source = 'topdata.sldd')
ctrlVarStruct = struct with fields:
      Name: 'PlantLoc'
     Value: [1x1 Simulink.VariantControl]
    Source: 'topdata.sldd'

% Add a variant configuration to vardataObj 
vardataObj.addConfiguration('LinInterExpNoNoise', 'Linear Internal Experimental Plant Controller', ctrlVarStruct)

Create a new variant control variable of type Simulink.VariantControl.

% Create a new variant control variable
SmartSensorMod = Simulink.VariantControl('Value', 2, 'ActivationTime', 'code compile');
newControlVarStruct = struct(Name = 'SmartSensorMod', Value = SmartSensorMod, Source = 'topdata.sldd')
newControlVarStruct = struct with fields:
      Name: 'SmartSensorMod'
     Value: [1x1 Simulink.VariantControl]
    Source: 'topdata.sldd'

Add the control variable to the existing variant configuration, LinInterExpNoNoise.

vardataObj.addControlVariables('LinInterExpNoNoise', newControlVarStruct);

Version History

Introduced in R2013b