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Implement Algorithms Using C/C++ Code

Implement a new algorithm using C/C++ code

Implement C/C++ code in Simulink® using the blocks you develop. You can use these methods to implement your code:

  • C Caller block — Integrates C code into Simulink by importing your C functions.

  • C Function block — Integrates and calls external C/C++ code from a Simulink model

  • S-Function — Uses special syntax called S-function API to communicate with the Simulink engine. They allow you to create continuous, discrete, and hybrid systems.

  • S-Function Builder block — Integrates C/C++ code by building an S-function from your code with the specifications you supply. The S-function builder also serves as a wrapper for the S-functions generated in your models.

  • Legacy Code Tool — Integrates C/C++ functions, such as lookup tables, and general functions and interfaces into Simulink models.

Use the C Caller block to call a C function to your model that has no states. To create an S-function without states, use Legacy Code Tool. To work with states and methods, use the C Function block, the S-function Builder or S-functions.

To get started using C Caller or C Function blocks by configuring custom code sources, see Specify and Configure Custom C/C++ Code.