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Assemble Large-Scale Model Components

Reduce model complexity, manage design data, and compile large-scale models

In the simulation integration workflow, after you create your components by integrating them into Simulink®, the next step is to assemble them into a system-level model and compile your model before simulation. To compile your model, update the Simulink diagram. For more information on compiling a Simulink model, see Simulation Phases in Dynamic Systems.

When you compile your model, Simulink uses the design and architectural data to evaluate block parameters, signal characteristics, and model interface characteristics. Model compilation also performs propagation of signal and data-types. Manage design and architectural data using workspaces and data dictionaries according to the requirements of your system-level model. Use interfaces to simplify the visual complexity and to organize your system-level model.

Improve the compilation performance of a large-scale model with model reference hierarchies by conditionally rebuilding the model only when there are changes in its dependencies, by using parallel builds, and by partitioning your model for incremental compilation.


Design Data Management


Improve Compilation Performance