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Interface for Custom Visualization

SimulationObserver Class

To create an observer, create a class that derives from the simevents.SimulationObserver object. You can use observers to implement animators to visualize model simulation, or debuggers.

  • To help understand queue impact, visualize entities moving through the model during simulation,

  • Develop presentation tools showing model simulation via an application-oriented interface, such as restaurant queue activity.

  • Debug and examine entity activity.

  • Examine queue contents.

The simevents.SimulationObserver object provides methods that let you:

  • Create observer or animation objects.

  • Identify model blocks for notification of run-time events.

  • Interact with the event calendar.

  • Perform activities when a model pauses, continues after pausing, and terminates.

SimEvents® models call these functions during model simulation.

Custom Visualization Workflow

  1. Create an application file.

    1. Define a class that inherits from the simevents.SimulationObserver class.

    2. Create an observer object that derives from this class.

    3. From the simevents.SimulationObserver methods, implement the functions you want for your application. This application comprises your observer.

  2. Open the model.

  3. Create an instance of your class.

  4. Run the model.

For more information about custom visualization, see Create Custom Visualization.

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