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Interface with Simulink

Create models with time-based and event-based components, choose solvers, save simulation state

A SimEvents® model can coexist with time-based systems in a Simulink® model. The combination of time- and event-based modeling facilitates the simulation of large-scale sophisticated hybrid systems.


Discrete-Event Simulation in Simulink Models

SimEvents software incorporates discrete-event system modeling into the Simulink time-based framework.

Solvers for Discrete-Event Systems

Depending on your configuration, you can use both variable-step and fixed-step solvers with discrete-event systems.

Create a Hybrid Model with Time-Based and Event-Based Components

Simulate a hybrid system that has SimEvents and Simulink parts.

Working with SimEvents and Simulink

You can exchange data between SimEvents and Simulink environments.

Model Simple Order Fulfilment Using Autonomous Robots

Facilitate time-based and event-based systems and their communication through messages.

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