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SimEvents Product Description

Model and simulate discrete-event systems

SimEvents® provides a discrete-event simulation engine and component library for analyzing event-driven system models and optimizing performance characteristics such as latency, throughput, and packet loss. Queues, servers, switches, and other predefined blocks enable you to model routing, processing delays, and prioritization for scheduling and communication.

With SimEvents, you can study the effects of task timing and resource usage on the performance of distributed control systems, software and hardware architectures, and communication networks. You can also conduct operational research for decisions related to forecasting, capacity planning, and supply-chain management.

Key Features

  • Discrete-event simulation engine for multidomain system models

  • Entities with custom data attributes representing tasks, packets, and items

  • Blocks for queuing, service, routing, resource management, multicasting, replication, and batching

  • Statistics generation for delay, throughput, average queue length, and other metrics

  • Library authoring with MATLAB® or Stateflow® for custom schedulers, hardware and software constructs, and communication channels

  • Block diagram animation and inspection for visualizing model operation and debugging

  • Custom animation creation for monitoring entities and events