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PKData object

Define roles of data set columns

PKData object will be removed in a future release. Use groupedData object instead.


The properties of the PKData object specify what each column in the data represents. The PKData object specifies which columns in the data set represent the following:

  • The grouping variable

  • The independent and dependent variables

  • The dose

  • The rate (only if infusion is the dosing type)

  • The covariates

This information is used by the fitting functions, sbionlmefit and sbionlinfit.

To create the PKData object specify:

pkDataObject = PKData(data);
Where data is the imported data set.

The PKData class is a subclass of the hgsetget class, which is a subclass of the handle class. For more information on the inherited methods, see hgsetget and handle.


PKDataCreate PKData object

Method Summary

deleteDelete SimBiology object
displayDisplay summary of SimBiology object
getGet SimBiology object properties
getCovariateDataCreate design matrix needed for fit
setSet SimBiology object properties

Property Summary

CovariateLabelsIdentify covariate columns in data set
DataSetDataset object containing imported data
DependentVarLabelIdentify dependent variable column in data set
DependentVarUnitsResponse units in PKData object
DoseLabelDose column in data set
DoseUnitsDose units in PKData object
GroupIDInteger identifying each group in data set
GroupLabelIdentify group column in data set
GroupNamesUnique values from GroupLabel in data set
IndependentVarLabelIdentify independent variable column in data set
IndependentVarUnitsTime units in PKData object
RateLabelRate of infusion column in data set
RateUnitsUnits for dose rate

Version History

Introduced in R2009a