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Dimensional analysis and unit conversion options


The SimBiology® CompileOptions property is an object that defines the compile options available for simulation; you can specify whether dimensional analysis and unit conversion is necessary for simulation. Compile options are checked during compile time. The compile options object can be accessed through the CompileOptions property of the configset object. Retrieve CompileOptions object properties with the get function and configure the properties with the set function.

Property Summary

DefaultSpeciesDimensionDimension of species name in expression
DimensionalAnalysis(To be removed) Perform dimensional analysis on model
TypeDisplay SimBiology object type
UnitConversionPerform unit conversion


Applies toObject: configset
Data typeObject
Data valuesCompile-time options


  1. Retrieve the configset object of modelObj.

    modelObj = sbiomodel('cell');
    configsetObj = getconfigset(modelObj);
  2. Retrieve the CompileOptions object (optionsObj) from the configsetObj.

    optionsObj = get(configsetObj, 'CompileOptions');
    Compile Settings:
         UnitConversion:       false
         DimensionalAnalysis:  true

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