Common Periodic Waveforms

The toolbox provides functions for generating widely used periodic waveforms:

  • sawtooth generates a sawtooth wave with peaks at ±1 and a period of 2π. An optional width parameter specifies a fractional multiple of 2π at which the signal maximum occurs.

  • square generates a square wave with a period of 2π. An optional parameter specifies the duty cycle, the percent of the period for which the signal is positive.

To generate 1.5 seconds of a 50 Hz sawtooth wave with a sample rate of 10 kHz and plot 0.2 seconds of the generated waveform, use

fs = 10e3;
t = 0:1/fs:1.5;
x = sawtooth(2*pi*50*t);

axis([0 0.2 -1 1])