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IBIS-AMI clock_times

Recover SerDes clock time values from custom DFECDR and CDR

Since R2020b

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The IBIS-AMI clock_times block recovers the clock time values of a SerDes system when you use a custom DFECDR or CDR block instead of the ones provided with the SerDes Toolbox™. The block recovers the clock time values from the AMI_GetWave function and outputs them to the generated IBIS-AMI models.

The output of the IBIS-AMI clock_times block is two global variables, extern double* Rx_clock_times_buf and extern int Rx_clock_times_idx. The block only creates the variables. You must add them to your custom code to make them work. Together, the variables implement the clock_times vector as defined in the IBIS 7.0 specifications.



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Update the input at clockTime port, specified as a scalar or vector. The value at the clockValid port results in only one clock times output per sample.

Each rising edge of the input signal at the clockValid port updates the S function that passes through the clockTime port. Usually this happens once per unit interval (UI).

Data Types: double | int8

Clock time data, specified as an array. Clock time data is passed to the AMI wrapper code using an S function.

The time value at the clockTime port must be half UI before the actual data sample times.

Data Types: double


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Offset clock time values by half UI, according to IBIS-AMI specifications.

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[1] IBIS 7.0 Specification,

Version History

Introduced in R2020b

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