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Torque Converter in Two-Mode Modeling

This example shows basic operations of a torque converter including lock-up clutch mechanism. You can select three different simulation cases - Basic Lock-up, Drive Mode Test, and Coast Mode Test.

The impeller and turbine of the converter are connected with external torque sources and brakes. The lock-up clutch is connected with an external pressure source. Input Signal block allows you to select the simulation cases. Basic Lock-up simulates elementary operating patterns of the converter in both drive mode and coast mode including lock-up. Drive Mode Test and Coast Mode Test perform speed ratio sweep and yield operating characteristics plots such as a plot of converter efficiency as a function of speed ratio.


Torque Converter Subsystem

Simulation Results

The plots below show the result of Basic Lock-up simulation. When simulation starts, the torque converter goes into drive mode and the lock-up clutch is engaged. Then the converter switches over to coast mode and the lock-up is engaged again. The green background areas indicate that the lock-up clutch is active.

The plots below show the converter operating characteristics in drive mode.

The plots below show the converter operating characteristics in coast mode.