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Custom Planetary Gear

This example illustrates how you can build your own custom planetary gear components from the Simscape™ Driveline™ Planetary Subcomponents library. The example is based on Example 10.7 published in K.J. Waldron, G.L. Kinzel "Kinematics, Dynamics, and Design of Machinery", 1999. It consists of a coupled planetary train built from simple and compound planetary trains with a common carrier and bevel gears. The simple train fundamental train ratio is -N_4/N_2 * N_7/N_4 = -N_7/N_2. It connects shafts S2 and S7. The compound planetary train fundamental ratio is -N_4/N_2 * N_6/N_5 and it connects shafts S2 and S6. When the input shaft of the train is rotated at 100 rpm, the model shows the output shaft rotates at 1.4456 rpm as given in the reference.


Bevel Planetary Gear Subsystem

Construction notes:

1. Port colors correspond to the image

2. The three bevel gear meshing points are represented by the Sun-Planet Bevel gears.

3. The red gear is a is a compound planetary gear with two sets of beveled teeth. It is modeled by connecting all P ports together

4. The single carrier for the planetary gear is modeled by connecting all C ports together.

5. Block orientations have been set to reflect the Assembly orientation parameter choice. For example, the blue-red gear meshing has the sun gear to the right of the planet gear, whereas the yellow-red gear meshing has the sun gear to the left of the planet gear.