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Automotive Clutch

This example shows how to model, parameterize, and test an automotive clutch. Running the model plots the engine and transmission speed during a declutching scenario.


The model is an automotive clutch in a test harness. The model output is a timeseries of the engine and transmission speed during the declutching scenario.

Automotive Clutch Subsystem

The clutch consists of a lever mechanism, diaphragm spring, pressure plate, clutch plate set, and a hub. The lever transfers force to the diaphragm spring when the secondary cylinder applies force to the opposite lever end. The applied force on the diaphragm spring causes the pressure plate to remove the pre-applied force on the clutch plate. Declutching occurs when the force on the clutch plate is removed through the removal of the force on the pressure plate by the diaphragm spring's action. Declutching ceases torque transfer from the engine to the transmission.

Simulation Results from Simscape™ Logging

Running the model generates a plot of engine and transmission speed vs time during the declutching scenario.