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Copy a Template

  1. In Report Explorer, select Tools > Edit Document Conversion Template.

  2. In the template library (center) pane, select the template you want to copy. For example, select the Default HTML Template.

  3. In the template dialog (right) pane, click Copy template. A file browser appears.

  4. In the file browser, navigate to a folder where you want to save the template. The folder should be on the MATLAB® path (for example, in the MATLAB folder in your home folder).

  5. Specify the file name, using the default file extension for the kind of template you are copying: a Microsoft® Word template(.dotx), an HTML template (.htmtx), a multi-page HTML template (.htmtx) (since R2024a), single-file HTML template (.htmt), or PDF template (.pdftx).

  6. Click Save. The new template appears in the list of templates in the Report Explorer’s center pane.

  7. Select the new template. The template’s dialog appears in the right pane. The initial name of the copy in the list of templates is Copy of ORIGINAL, where ORIGINAL is the name of the template that you copied.

  8. Set the new template’s properties.