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Title Pages, Tables of Contents, Lists of Figures, Tables, and Captions

Generate a title page, a table of contents, or lists of figures, tables, or other report elements

You can use Report API reporters to generate a title page and a table of contents in a report. You can also use reporters to generate lists of the captions or titles of images, tables, and other report elements, such as equations.

Classes page reporter of contents reporter of figures reporter of tables reporter of captions reporter file reporter
mlreportgen.dom.TOCCreate placeholder for generating table of contents
mlreportgen.dom.LOFList of figures
mlreportgen.dom.LOTList of tables
mlreportgen.dom.LOCList of captions
mlreportgen.dom.LeaderLeader character for PDF output



Table of Contents or Generated List Is Empty in a Word Report

Troubleshoot an empty table of contents or list of figures, tables, or captions.