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Network Connection and Exploration

Set up and interact with ROS networks

Connect to ROS to prototype robotics applications and access robotics hardware or simulators over a ROS network. You can create your own ROS network using MATLAB® or connect to an existing ROS network. To set up a ROS network, start by calling rosinit. For ROS 2 networks, see ros2node.


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rosinitConnect to ROS network
rostopicRetrieve information about ROS topics
rosmsgRetrieve information about ROS messages and message types
rosnodeRetrieve information about ROS network nodes
rosparamAccess ROS parameter server values
rosshutdownShut down ROS system
getGet ROS parameter value
hasCheck if ROS parameter name exists
searchSearch ROS network for parameter names
setSet value of ROS parameter or add new parameter
delDelete a ROS parameter
rosdeviceConnect to remote ROS device
runNodeStart ROS or ROS 2 node
stopNodeStop ROS or ROS 2 node
runCoreStart ROS core
stopCoreStop ROS core
isNodeRunningDetermine if ROS or ROS 2 node is running
isCoreRunningDetermine if ROS core is running
ros2Retrieve information about ROS 2 network
ros2messageCreate ROS 2 message structures
ros2deviceConnect to remote ROS 2 device
runNodeStart ROS or ROS 2 node
stopNodeStop ROS or ROS 2 node
isNodeRunningDetermine if ROS or ROS 2 node is running


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CoreCreate ROS Core
NodeStart ROS node and connect to ROS master
ParameterTreeAccess ROS parameter server
ros2nodeCreate a ROS 2 node on the specified network


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Blank MessageCreate blank message using specified message type
Current TimeRetrieve current ROS time or system time
Set ParameterSet values on ROS parameter server
Blank MessageCreate blank ROS 2 message using specified message type



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  • Access the ROS Parameter Server
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