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Output Panel

The Output Panel prints a log of information, warnings, and errors relating to RoadRunner operations. This information can be helpful for debugging certain problems, especially problems related to loading asset files.

The buttons on the left of the panel provide these basic features:

  • Save Output: Saves the output to file

  • Clear Output: Clears the output panel (useful for reducing clutter when investigating a specific issue)

  • Show Info/Warnings/Errors: Toggles display of different message types

  • Show Details: Shows more detailed information and debugging messages

A separate Output Panel is displayed when performing export operations. That separate panel reports messages that occur only during the export operation. These messages are also reported to the main Output Panel.

The Output Panel is also accessible from the Start Page. This access point is useful for viewing error messages when loading a scene or project fails.

All Output Panel messages are saved to a log file, which you can find in the Tools > Debug > Open Log Folder menu option. This log file can be useful for reporting issues to MathWorks Technical Support.