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Prop Assets

Traffic signals, trees, signs, and other 3D objects that can be placed within a scene

Prop assets define 3D objects that can be placed within a scene.

Extrusion Asset samplePost Asset sampleProp Model Asset sampleProp Assembly Asset sampleProp Set Asset sampleSign Asset sampleSignal Asset sample


Extrusion Assets

Extrusion assets are used to create extruded geometry for features such as walls, guard rails, and fences.

Post Assets

Post assets are used for building support posts of varying height, primarily for bridges and overpasses.

Prop Model Assets

Prop model assets reference external 3D model files that can be placed within the scene.

Prop Assembly Assets

Prop assembly assets are hierarchical collections of prop instances stored as a single asset that can itself be instantiated within the scene.

Prop Set Assets

Prop set assets reference collections of different props that have a random distribution.

Sign Assets

Sign assets are used to create and edit standard and custom street signs.

Signal Assets

Signal assets are 3D models that allow for dynamic traffic signal heads with lights.