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Variable-Size Signal Code Generation

To generate code for your Simulink® subsystems, Stateflow® charts, and MATLAB® Function Blocks that have variable-size signals, use Simulink PLC Coder™. An array that has at least one variable dimension is called a variable-size array. Variable-size arrays are commonly found in applications such as machine learning and deep learning. Construct variable-size signals in your model by using Simulink blocks, MATLAB Function Blocks, and Stateflow charts. For more information, see Variable-Size Signal Basics.


Simulink PLC Coder does not support variable-size code generation for:

  • Subsystems that do not have the Function Packaging set to Inline.

  • Do not use one-dimensional variable-size inputs and outputs in the top-level subsystem.

  • Selector blocks that have variable-size data.

Simulink PLC Coder supports only these model components for variable-size code generation:

  • Simulink subsystems

  • MATLAB Function Blocks

  • Stateflow charts

Variable-Size Code Generation Example

To generate code for a model with variable-size signals, see Generate Structured Text Code for Variable-Size Signals.

Generated Code Structure for Variable-Size Signals

For the example Generate Structured Text Code for Variable-Size Signals, these images show the structure of the code generated for the model.

This image shows the highlighted output variables for the variable-size data MATLAB Function Block.

Variable-size signal outputs for MATLAB Function Block

This image shows the highlighted output variables for the Stateflow chart.

Variable-size signal outputs for Stateflow chart

This image shows the highlighted generated variable-size code for the generated test bench.

Variable-size test bench code