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Integrate Externally Defined Identifiers

The coder allows you to suppress identifier (symbol) definitions in the generated code. This suppression allows you to integrate a custom element, such as user-defined function blocks, function blocks, data types, and named global variable and constants, in place of one generated from a Simulink® subsystem. You must then provide these definitions when importing the code into the target IDE. You must:

  • Define the custom element in the subsystem for which you want to generate code.

  • Name the custom element.

  • In the Configuration Parameters dialog box, add the name of the custom element to PLC Code Generation > Identifiers > Externally Defined Identifiers in the Configuration Parameters dialog box.

  • Generate code.

For a description of how to integrate a custom function block, see Integrate Custom Function Block in Generated Code. For a description of the Externally Defined Identifiers parameter, see Externally Defined Identifiers.