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Generate Structured Text Code for a Simple Simulink Subsystem

This example shows how to select the target IDE for a Simulink® model, generate IEC 61131-10 code, and view generated files.

1. Open model plcdemo_simple_subsystem and save a copy to a writable location.

2. Open the Simulink PLC Coder app.

3. Open the PLC Code Generation dialog box.. In the Target IDE select OMRON Sysmac Studio - IEC61131-0 XML.

Click OK.

4. Select the SimpleSubsystem block and click Generate PLC Code. Alternatively, from the command line, enter:

generatedfiles = plcgeneratecode('plcdemo_simple_subsystem/SimpleSubsystem');

5. View the code generation report.

The report includes links to the generated code file plcdemo_simple_subsystem.exp and associated traceability and code metrics reports.

6. This figure contains the generated code plcdemo_simple_subsystem.exp.