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Discrete Events and Mode Charts

Model discrete changes in system behavior

Language Syntax

eventsModel discrete events
edgeTrigger event
initialeventInitialize event variables
modechartsDeclare mode charts that include operating modes and transitions
modesDeclare operating modes in mode chart
transitionsDefine transitions between modes in mode chart
initialSpecify initial mode in mode chart


Discrete Variables and Events

Discrete Event Modeling

Simplify mathematical model of the system by assuming that certain variables can change values instantaneously and discontinuously at specific points in time.

Triggered Delay Component

This example shows how to implement a triggered delay component.

Enabled Component

This example shows how to implement a component similar to a Simulink® enabled subsystem.

Mode Charts

Mode Chart Modeling

Model components characterized by discrete set of distinct operating modes.

Switch with Hysteresis

This example shows how to model a component by using mode charts and enumerations.