Plot Array Directivity Using Sensor Array Analyzer App

The sensorArrayAnalyzer app lets you examine important properties of a phased array such as its shape and directivity.

Open sensorArrayAnalyzer App

When you type sensorArrayAnalyzer from the command line or select the app from the App Toolstrip, an interactive window opens. The default window shows the geometry of a 4-element uniform linear array. You can then select various options to analyze different arrays, other element types, geometry, and directivity.


Create 3D Directivity Plot of 4-by-4 URA

As an example, use the app to create a 4-by-4 uniform rectangular array of cosine antenna elements and then show the array directivity. Space the elements 0.4 wavelengths apart.

  1. Set the Array Type to Uniform Rectangular.

  2. Set the Element Type to Cosine Antenna.

  3. Set Cosine Power to [2 2].

  4. Set the Size of the array to [4 4].

  5. Set the Element Spacing to [0.4 0.4]. Set the element spacing units to wavelength.

  6. Set Propagation Speed to physconst('Lightspeed').

  7. Select the Steering check box.

  8. Set the Steer Angle to [-30,0] to steer the array -30 degrees in azimuth.

  9. Set the type of View to 3D Array Directivity.

  10. Set the view Option as Polar to obtain a polar diagram.

  11. Select the Show Geometry check box to show the array shape.

Then, you will see a plot of array directivity similar to this.