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Interactive Parallel Development (pmode)

Display interactive parallel programming (pmode) worker desktop


pmodeInteractive Parallel Command Window

Examples and How To

Run Communicating Jobs Interactively Using pmode

Provides a quick tutorial to begin using pmode

Running pmode Interactive Jobs on a Cluster

Describes how to run pmode as a communicating job on a cluster using a profile

Plotting Distributed Data Using pmode

Describes how to plot when working in pmode

Using the Parallel Profiler in Pmode

This example shows how to use the parallel profiler.


pmode Versus spmd

Introduces the concept of interactive parallel computations with pmode

Parallel Command Window

Describes the pmode interface

pmode Limitations and Unexpected Results

Provides information on common problems with pmode

pmode Troubleshooting

Suggestions for solving problems you might encounter in pmode