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Examples that measure the performance of parallel code


Benchmark Cluster Workers

This example shows how to run the MATLAB benchmark on your cluster workers.

Benchmark Your Cluster with the HPC Challenge

This example shows how to evaluate the performance of a compute cluster with the HPC Challenge Benchmark.

Sequential Blackjack

This example plays the card game of blackjack, also known as 21.

Distributed Blackjack

This example uses the Parallel Computing Toolbox™ to play the card game of blackjack, also known as 21.

Resource Contention in Task Parallel Problems

This example looks at why it is so hard to give a concrete answer to the question "How will my (parallel) application perform on my multi-core machine or on my cluster?" The answer most commonly given is "It depends on your application as well as your hardware," and we will try to explain why this is all one can say without more information.

Benchmarking Independent Jobs on the Cluster

In this example, we show how to benchmark an application using independent jobs on the cluster, and we analyze the results in some detail.

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