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Integrate MATLAB Grader with Moodle

Check for Existing MATLAB Grader Integration

The easiest way to find out if MATLAB® Grader™ has already been integrated with your LMS is to add a MATLAB coding problem to your course. See the next section for instructions.

If you have difficulty finding the MATLAB Grader integration, or it is clear that MATLAB Grader has not been integrated yet, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Instructors: Add MATLAB Coding Problem to Course

If an administrator has already performed MATLAB Grader integration with Moodle™, you can proceed to add MATLAB coding problems to your course.

  1. In Moodle, go to the course you want to add a MATLAB coding problem to.

  2. Turn editing on.

  3. Select Add an Activity or Resource.

    Browse ACTIVITIES for "MATLAB Coding Problem" or "MATLAB Grader." Although we recommend "MATLAB Coding Problem" when integrating MATLAB Grader, the name given to the MATLAB Grader integration is decided by the administrator who did the integration.

    • If you find the MATLAB Grader integration in the activity list, select it and click Add.

    • If you do not see the MATLAB Grader integration on the list:

      1. Select External Tool and click Add.

      2. Under Preconfigured tool, find and select the MATLAB Grader integration.

        If you are unable to select the MATLAB Grader integration, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

  4. Fill out activity name and any other desired settings.

  5. Click Save and display.

    Moodle launches the MATLAB Grader interface for copying and creating content.

    You can create a new coding problem or select a problem from your available collections or courses.

For help, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Administrators: Add MATLAB Grader to Moodle External Tools

To add MATLAB Grader to Moodle External Tools:

  1. Get Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) credentials from MATLAB Grader . These values are required for adding content in Moodle.

    1. Using the top navigation, go to LMS Integration.

    2. Select Moodle from the drop-down list.

    3. Generate Key and Secret. Copy these values and the Launch URL.

  2. Sign into Moodle.

  3. Navigate to Site administration > Plugins > Activity modules > External tool > Manage tools.

  4. In Manage tools, click "configure a tool manually."

    • For Tool Name, we recommend that you name the app “MATLAB Coding Problem” for easier discoverability by instructors at your institution who will be adding MATLAB coding problems to a course in Moodle.

    • For Tool URL enter the Launch URL obtained in Step 1.

    • For Consumer Key, enter the MATLAB Grader Key that you generated in step 1.

    • For Shared Secret, enter the MATLAB Grader Secret that you generated in step 1.

    • Set Tool configuration usage to "Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool."

    • Under Privacy, set both Share launcher's name with tool and Share launcher's email with tool to "Never."

    When you have completed filling out the required information, click Save changes.

If you need assistance, contact one of the resources in Getting Help.

Getting Help

If at any point in this process you require assistance with adding a MATLAB Grader coding problem to your LMS course or in setting up the initial LMS integration, contact these resources in this order:

  • Primary Contact for MATLAB Grader. You can find this information on the LMS Integration page.

  • Administrator for your institution: Consult the IT department directory at your institution.

  • MathWorks Technical Support

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