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What Is a Course?

A course in MATLAB® Grader™ is an educational offering that provides an easy and fun way to integrate the use of MATLAB code into your teaching endeavors. A course in MATLAB Grader provides you with automated assessment of MATLAB code which can reduce the amount of time you spend grading problems manually.

A course has the following structure: one or more problems are grouped within assignments, and one or more assignments make up a course.

Illustration of three squares, each nestled inside another that shows the course structure

After you create a course, you add one or more assignments and populate the assignments with problems. Then, you send email notifications to learners so they can access your course.

Course, Assignment, and Problem States

This table describes the different states for each component in a course.

  • Inactive — A course is inactive when its start date occurs in the future. Only instructors can view an inactive course.

  • Current — The state of a course changes to active automatically once the start date occurs (12:00 am). When a course is active, all assignments associated with the course become active as well. Only published problems are visible in active courses.

    To return a course to an inactive state, change the start date to a date in the future.

  • Past — MATLAB Grader archives courses automatically after the end date passes.

  • Inactive — An assignment is inactive when its start date occurs in the future. Only instructors can view the assignment.

  • Active — An assignment becomes active automatically once its start date occurs (12:00 am). Learners and instructors can view the assignment and any published problems that the assignment contains.

  • Draft — A draft problem is a work in progress and not visible to learners, even if the associated course is active.

  • Final — A problem saved as final is visible to learners when the associated course and assignment are active. You can edit an active course and save it as draft again. By doing so, you hide any associated problems from learners.

Need Extra Help?

If you are looking for some extra help, consider these options:

  • Look through the Example Problems. Example problems from MathWorks® staff are provided to help you write problems and create assessments. These example problems illustrate good practices for authoring problems and creating assessments to test the accuracy of learner submissions.

  • visit MATLAB Answers in MATLAB Central. MATLAB Central has a community of experts who can answer questions about creating good assessments, methods to prevent learner cheating, and more.

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