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All Updates for MATLAB Drive and MATLAB Drive Connector

April 2021

  • Improvements to MATLAB® Drive™ Connector stability and robustness.

March 2021

  • Pause and resume syncing in MATLAB Drive Connector.

    You can temporarily stop the syncing of your MATLAB Drive files, for example, if you are on a metered or slow internet, by pausing and then resuming syncing.

    For more information, see Start and Stop MATLAB Drive Connector

  • MATLAB Drive Connector now available in Chinese and Korean.

December 2020

  • Download folders from MATLAB Drive online to your desktop.

    You can now download folders in addition to downloading individual files from MATLAB Drive online. To download a folder, in MATLAB Drive online, click the Download button or right-click the folder and select Download.

    For more information, see Access Files.

  • Preview the contents of a shared folder in MATLAB Drive online before accepting invitation.

    When you receive an invitation or a link to a shared folder, you can now navigate the structure of the shared folder and preview individual files in MATLAB Drive online before accepting the invitation.

    For more information, see Share and Collaborate.

November 2020

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and robustness.

September 2020

  • Decreased password confirmation requests in MATLAB Drive Connector.

  • Faster shut down of MATLAB Drive Connector when syncing is in progress.

  • Integration with OS-specific password management systems.

  • MATLAB Drive Connector now available in Japanese.

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and performance.

May 2020

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and robustness.

April 2020

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and robustness.

February 2020

  • MATLAB Drive Connector now updates quietly in background, so as not to disturb your working.

  • Improved syncing process, especially for MATLAB Drives with numerous files.

  • Enhanced notification options for MATLAB Drive activity. See Account Information.

  • Corrected minor issues with MATLAB Drive Connector installer and updater. If you had trouble installing or updating MATLAB Drive in the past, you can try again with this release.

October 2019

  • Upload folders from desktop to MATLAB Drive online.

    The Upload button now lets you upload folders as well as individual files. This same functionality can be accessed by using the right-click context menu when viewing MATLAB Drive online.

    For more about file and folder uploading and downloading, see Add Files.

September 2019

  • Share folders directly from desktop MATLAB

    If you have MATLAB Drive Connector installed and actively syncing, you can share folders in your MATLAB Drive.

    To share a folder from desktop MATLAB:

    • MATLAB R2019b must be installed and running on the desktop computer.

    • The folder you choose to share must be in your MATLAB Drive.

    • MATLAB Drive Connector must be running.

    Right-click the folder in the current file browser of your desktop MATLAB and select Share.

    For more about sharing folders on MATLAB Drive, see Share and Collaborate.

May 2019

  • Improvements to MathWorks® account sign on

April 2019

  • View MATLAB Files Online

    When using your MATLAB Drive online, double-click any MATLAB file or Live Script to preview its contents. When previewing these files, you also have the option to open them in MATLAB Online™.

    See Access Files in MATLAB Drive Online.

February 2019

  • Indication for Files Synced from Shared Folder

    Files in shared folders now have a SHARED indicator in MATLAB Drive Connector Activity.

    You cannot edit a SHARED file in a 'Can View' folder - this is indicated by a padlock symbol .

December 2018

  • Sharing and Collaboration

    • Share your folders with a view-only link and by inviting individuals with either view-only or edit permissions. Invitations can be accepted or declined.

    • After a folder is shared, you can manage the permissions of invited members, rescind invitations, or send additional invitations at any time.

    • Share your MATLAB Drive folders and collaborate with others using MATLAB Online.

    • MATLAB Drive Connector automatically syncs shared folders to your desktop computer while retaining proper access permissions to their contents.


      For those of you who shared folders in MATLAB Online prior to the release of the share feature in MATLAB Drive, your existing shared folders will be synced to your desktop computer into a folder named Shared.

September 2018

  • Install MATLAB Drive Connector and start Connector from inside MATLAB.

    • Click the MATLAB Drive button to install Connector if it's not already installed.

    • If MATLAB Drive Connector is already installed, clicking the MATLAB Drive button starts the Connector.

    • If MATLAB Drive Connector is already running, clicking the MATLAB Drive button changes your working folder to MATLAB Drive.

  • Improved synchronization performance in MATLAB Drive Connector.

April 2018

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector setup and MathWorks® account login.

December 2017

    • Access your MATLAB Drive from Windows® 10 File Explorer Navigation Pane

    • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and robustness

June 2017

  • Improvements to MATLAB Drive Connector stability and robustness.

May 2017

  • View Files Online

    When using your MATLAB Drive online, double-click any text, image, audio, or PDF file (no PDF file support in IE11, to preview its contents. See Access Files in MATLAB Drive Online.

  • Online Multifile and Folder Selection

    Select multiple files and folders for Cut, Drag and Drop, Download (files), Delete, Restore, and Permanently Delete operations online.

April 2017

  • MATLAB Drive Connector update

    Updates for MATLAB Drive Connector are now available in-product for easy installation. When an update for Connector is available, the Connector icon in the system tray displays a balloon message (Windows and macOS only) and, when the application window is visible, the Connector displays a small red dot on the gear icon.

    1. Click the gear icon.

    2. Select Update to latest version.

    3. When prompted with the update dialog box, click Update now.

      If it is more convenient for you to install the Connector at another time, click Later.

    The update is automatically installed.

  • Restore files deleted from MATLAB Drive

    MATLAB Drive online Deleted Files folder holds content you have deleted from MATLAB Drive. You have up to 30 days to restore this content from Deleted Files before it is permanently deleted. If you run out of storage space for deleted items, content could be permanently deleted sooner than 30 days. See Restore Deleted Files.

  • MATLAB no longer required for Connector installation and use

    You are no longer required to have MATLAB software to install and use MATLAB Drive Connector. To install Connector outside of MATLAB, visit MATLAB Drive.

  • Pending state for syncing files

    When updating multiple files using MATLAB Drive Connector, the files waiting in the queue to be uploaded are marked with a pending icon . When the file is actually updating, the icon changes to updating . For more about file status and conditions, see View MATLAB Drive Connector Status and Notifications.

March 2017

  • Updated MATLAB Drive icon in MATLAB.

  • Added instructions for viewing MATLAB Drive online and opening MATLAB Drive online from within MATLAB (see Access Files).

September 2016

  • Connector Updates

    • Access to MATLAB Drive online.

    • Support for MathWorks file type icons for MATLAB code (.m), MATLAB Live Editor (.mlx), and Simulink® models (.slx).

    • Expandable file details include sync time.

    • Extended file context menu with additional Show in folder option.

    • Improved display of synchronization progress.

    • Improved error and conflict reporting.

August 2016

  • MATLAB Drive Online

    Provides browser-based access to your MATLAB Drive files from anywhere. Manage your files and folders as well as upload and download files from and to your local computer. MATLAB Drive Connector is not required to use MATLAB Drive online.

    To access your files on the MathWorks cloud, go to and use your MathWorks credentials to log in.