.NET Libraries

Access .NET libraries from MATLAB®

The interface to .NET allows you to bring .NET assemblies into the MATLAB environment, to construct objects from classes contained in the assemblies, and to call methods on these objects.

  • Getting Started with Microsoft .NET
    Examples and concepts to help you quickly get started using .NET in MATLAB.
  • Data Types
    Data conversion, pass data between MATLAB and .NET
  • Properties
    Get and set .NET properties in MATLAB, special features of .NET properties
  • Methods
    Use .NET methods in MATLAB, method signatures, arguments by reference, optional arguments
  • Events and Delegates
    Use .NET event callbacks, create and call .NET delegates
  • Enumerations
    Create and combine .NET enumerations in MATLAB
  • Generic Classes
    Create .NET generic classes, invoke .NET generic methods in MATLAB