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Time Series Collections

Create and modify collections of timeseries objects

A tscollection object is a collection of one or more timeseries objects with the same time vector. Collections of timeseries are useful for analyzing multiple data trends that occur simultaneously.


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tscollectionCreate tscollection object
addsampletocollectionAdd sample to tscollection
addtsAdd timeseries to tscollection
delsamplefromcollectionDelete sample from tscollection
horzcatHorizontally concatenate tscollection objects
removetsRemove timeseries from tscollection
resampleResample tscollection time vector
setSet tscollection properties
setabstimeSet tscollection times as date character vectors
settimeseriesnamesRename timeseries in tscollection
vertcatVertically concatenate tscollection objects
getQuery tscollection properties
getabstimeConvert tscollection time vector to cell array
getsampleusingtimeSubset of tscollection data
gettimeseriesnamesNames of timeseries in tscollection
isemptyDetermine if tscollection is empty
lengthLength of tscollection time vector
sizeSize of tscollection


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