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EV3 Brick Hardware

After installing the MATLAB® Support Package for LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Hardware, you can use MATLAB commands to control or get the data from:

  • The buttons, LCD, speaker, and status light on the EV3 brick.

  • Sensors that connect to input ports on the EV3 brick: Color, Infrared, Gyroscopic, Ultrasonic, and Touch.

  • EV3 Motors that connect to output ports on the EV3 brick.

The MATLAB software communicates with the EV3 brick by:

  • USB cable.

  • Wireless network (requires a wireless network dongle attached to the EV3 brick).

  • Bluetooth® (may require a Bluetooth dongle attached to the host computer).

With this support package, you cannot build an executable from MATLAB code and then run that executable on the EV3 brick.


A Simulink® support package is available that enables you to run models on the EV3 hardware. For more information, see