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matlab.unittest Package

Summary of packages and classes in MATLAB Unit Test Framework


The matlab.unittest package consists of the following classes and packages.


matlab.unittest.FunctionTestCaseTestCase used for function-based tests
matlab.unittest.ScopeTest scope enumeration class
matlab.unittest.TestSpecification of a single test
matlab.unittest.TestCaseSuperclass of all test classes
matlab.unittest.TestResultResult of running test suite
matlab.unittest.TestRunnerClass for running tests in matlab.unittest framework
matlab.unittest.TestSuiteFundamental interface for grouping tests to run


matlab.unittest.constraintsSummary of classes in MATLAB Constraints Interface
matlab.unittest.fixturesSummary of classes in MATLAB Fixtures Interface
matlab.unittest.parametersSummary of classes associated with MATLAB Unit Test parameters
matlab.unittest.pluginsSummary of classes in MATLAB Plugins Interface
matlab.unittest.qualificationsSummary of classes in MATLAB Qualifications Interface
matlab.unittest.selectorsSummary of classes in MATLAB Selectors Interface

Version History

Introduced in R2013a