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Complete HTTP header for StringProvider




complete(provider,URI) completes the HTTP message. This method is an overridden method of complete called by MATLAB®. This method might augment or add a Content-Type header field to the message to specify the charset that this provider is using to convert the data. The conversion to be used depends on the value of the Content-Type field in the Header or Request.Header property, if present (which might have an explicit or default charset), and the value of the Charset property in this object. This provider might add a Content-Type field or charset parameter to the existing Content-Type field, if it does not contain one. To prevent that, subclasses can override this method.

In contrast to some other providers that only replace, not alter, a header already in the RequestMessage, this provider might augment an existing Content-Type field in the Request property by adding a charset parameter, if necessary.

On return from this method, the Charset property is always set to the charset used to encode the data, whether or not that charset is explicit in the Content-Type field. Subclasses can override this method to specify a different Charset.

Input Arguments

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Content provider, specified as a object.

Uniform resource identifier, specified as a object.



Version History

Introduced in R2018a