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Next buffer of data to send in multipart HTTP request message


[data,stop] = getData(provider,length)


[data,stop] = getData(provider,length) returns the next buffer of data. For each part of the multipart message, this method returns in successive buffers of data: a boundary delimiter, headers for the part, and the data for the part. It obtains these by invoking methods in the current delegate, including the delegate's getData method, and moves on to the next delegate when the current delegate indicates the end of its data by returning stop=true.

When the last delegate is done, this method returns the final boundary delimiter and then sets stop=true to indicate the end of the message.

This method is an overridden method of getData.

Input Arguments

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Content provider, specified as a object.

Length of data that the provider should return, specified as double. For more information, see the length argument in ContentProvider.getData.

Output Arguments

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Next buffer of data, returned as a uint8 vector or empty.

Indicate whether to end transmission, returned as a logical that the provider must set.



Version History

Introduced in R2018a

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