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Summary of namespaces and classes in MATLAB HTTP interface


Classes Authentication scheme
AuthInfoAuthentication or authorization information in HTTP messages
CookieHTTP cookie received from server
CookieInfoHTTP cookie information
CredentialsCredentials for authenticating HTTP requests
DispositionResults in HTTP log record
HeaderFieldHeader field of HTTP message
HTTPExceptionException thrown by HTTP services
HTTPOptionsOptions controlling HTTP message exchange
LogRecordHTTP history log record
MediaTypeInternet media type used in HTTP headers
MessageHTTP request or response message
MessageBodyBody of HTTP message
MessageTypeHTTP message type
ProgressMonitorProgress monitor for HTTP message exchange
ProtocolVersionHTTP protocol version
RequestLineFirst line of HTTP request message
RequestMessageHTTP request message
RequestMethodHTTP request method
ResponseMessageHTTP response message
StartLineFirst line of HTTP message
StatusClassStatus class of HTTP response
StatusCodeStatus code in HTTP response
StatusLineFirst line of HTTP response message


Version History

Introduced in R2016b